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If you are 16-24 you may be eligible for our Opportunity R3 program.

Opportunity R3 offers a guided path to further your education or to prepare for workforce readiness.

Opportunity R3 is removing barriers and connecting the gap between preparation and opportunity for young people to realize their full potential to transform lives and the stability of communities. 

555 Beale | Memphis, Tennessee

Contact: 901-636-6825 

Email: [email protected]


Think again about what career you may want and how to get there


Obstacles may have delayed your career plans, let us help you build again.


Resumes and interview skills are tools that employers use when making hiring decisions. Let us help you make a lasting impression.

Opportunity R3


Upcoming Session Dates 2024

July 8th – August 2nd

August 19th – September 13th

September 30th – October 18th

November 4- 22 (3-week accelerated cohort)




Expectations of Opportunity R3 

Participants will be offered support to develop a personalized career or education plan with the help of a professional coach to explore their interests, choose a direction, and gain experience. The program will make it easier for the participants to discover their individual interests, skills, and desires for the type of life they would like to build. If participants are not sure what their future holds, the program will help them connect to experiences that will help them figure out what they want to do. This program will help guide you toward the career opportunity of your choice and earn a stipend.

This is a 4-week  program, and the course topics are:

The Why, The Goal & Effective Communication

Financial Management

Law Enforcement Interaction Apprenticeship

Soft Skills and Hard Lessons

Building & Managing a Portfolio

Job applications

School registration

Headshot event

Mock Interviews

Throughout their time in the program, participants will observe actual work environments, develop essential professional skills, and build the confidence needed to set and achieve long-term goals.  

–Director Ken Moody

If you have any questions pertaining to the Opportunity R3 program, please submit in the box/space below.